• This Lawyer Lost And Found 2 BlackBerry Phones That Survived Months of Winter. Here’s How.

    People lose their phones every day. It's a sign of people's good nature when you get your lost phone returned to you by a stranger. Well Canadian lawyer, Paul Grespan (above), has what you may call a bad habit of losing his BlackBerry phone. In fact, he's lost two of his BlackBerry phones and due to good human nature, both BlackBerry phones were returned.

    "So what?", you may say.

    Well, the remarkable part of the story is that both the phones, lost at different times, were lost in the dead of winter. Both phones astonishingly, when returned, still worked even after being immersed in snow for long periods of time. Up to six months for his lost Q10.

    As an aside, my wife slipped in the snow last year and the contents of her purse spilled out and fell into the slush. Her iPhone dropped into the mess and well, lets just say a new one was needed, only after a few minutes in the snow.

    On the other hand, my youngest son and I were cleaning up our basement last year and my oldest son was doing his laundry. He moved his wet clothes from the washer to the dryer and started the dryer up. We heard a thump, thump, thump coming from the clothes dryer and when we opened the door up, his waterlogged Z10 was found. It had gone through a whole entire wash and spin cycle as well as three minutes in a dryer.

    My son's BlackBerry Z10 survived.

    You can head on over to the Inside BlackBerry Blog to read the remarkable story of not only the return of Paul Grespan's BlackBerry Phones but learn just how sturdy they really are to survive the ravages of winter.
    Source: IBB

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