• The Latest comScore Results Are In: BlackBerry Holds 3rd Place For U.S. Subscribers


    Today, comScore officially reports the April 2013 U.S. smartphone subscriber marketshare. These are the numbers that we have been looking toward as BlackBerry 10 makes it's way into the stores of the USA. So what can we make of these latest numbers in accordance to how BlackBerry is doing? Well, for one, not much yet. And I'll tell you why...

    Let go back a couple quarters to look at the numbers leading up to this month's comScore report:

    - Reporting from Sept 2012 and Dec 2012 three month averages, BlackBerry lost 2.0 points but still managed to hold onto 3rd place with a 6.4% share.
    - Reporting from Oct 2012 and Jan 2013, BlackBerrys numbers improved just a bit at a -1.9 point change as the bleeding began to slow. Android also dropped for the first time, ever! This Android loss could have been contributed by users holding out on Android to get a new BlackBerry 10 phone after the Jan 30th launch.
    - Now let's fast forward to today's April 2013 report. Android drops yet again for the second time in a row, while BlackBerry continues to slow its' point loss by more than half, at -0.8.

    Keep in mind that the Z10 didn't launch in the U.S. till late March of this year. That means only about a month of BlackBerry Z10 sales were included in this April 2013 comScore report. The next report will give us a better idea on the direction that BlackBerry is heading with U.S. subscribers. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a positive increase as Android continues to fall in marketshare.

    Looks like BlackBerry will continue to hold onto 3rd place. And all eyes will be on the Q10 launch in the US this month, as the first BlackBerry 10 QWERTY device is set to release on all major U.S. carriers. The overall feedback has been that the Q10 is the choice of phone for BlackBerry users in the U.S. Based on this data, I believe we'll see BlackBerry's first positive increase in a long while in the next comScore results. We'll keep you posted.

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