• The Last Weather App, It's F***ing Awesome

    For some reason, I'm not the biggest fan of weather apps. Truthfully, if I want to how the weather is, I just look outside. That's probably the reason why I love The Last Weather App for BlackBerry 10 by Marco van Hylckama Vlieg. This amazing idea for a weather app is sure to catch fire in BlackBerry World because of its simplicity and hilariousness, to be honest.

    The description of The Last Weather App really tells you everything you need to know:

    "This app tells you exactly what you'd see if you were to look outside. Very useful if you can't be bothered to look for yourself. Tell your BBM friends about the crappy weather you're experiencing. Really, this is the one and only weather app you'll ever need. And the best part? It's absolutely free. WARNING: Contains offensive language."

    Go get it right now. You will love it.

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