• Kijamii - The Simplest Twitter Client For BlackBerry Ever Made

    As I've said before, I like Twitter and I'm on it a lot. On BlackBerry, we have some pretty great Twitter clients to choose from (I still believe Twitter for BlackBerry is the best) and a new one has just burst onto the scene.

    Kijamii, by The Jared Company, is possibly the simplest, cleanest Twitter app I've ever seen. Some have said it's a little too simple or boring and while I can't exactly disagree, I do believe this app has great potential for a target audience that simply wants a basic Twitter app.

    Kijamii may have a simple look but it does have every main function of Twitter (including one that a lot of us on Twitter for BlackBerry would love to have), the ability to see which of your tweets has been retweeted. I personally enjoyed my time using Kijamii thanks to the simpleness of it, lack of ads, and overall fast response

    Cons: Lack of push made mentions come in very late (same as my biggest complaint with SocialScope). Also, Since there are a lot of options to choose from, and no tabs, it does take longer than I would personally like to go between Mentions/Tweets/Timeline/My Profile.

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