• Keeping Your BlackBerry's Data Secure

    According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, various companies are beginning to take cell phone security seriously. Verizon is currently working with Lookout, a San Francisco-based company known for remote backup and geolocation apps for BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile devices. We have hopes that RIM will soon be releasing BlackBerry Protect, which promises to lock or even wipe a misplaced phone, pinpoint your prized BlackBerry on a map and make regularly-scheduled wireless backups.

    Security researchers and technology executives say their moves to improve security mark the start of an effort that will take years to play out because the wireless industry until recently was more focused on signing up customers than hardening mobile devices against attacks.

    By far the most ambitious plans in the article however, belong to AT&T, which aside from recent deals with MobileIron and McAfee, is currently opening a new mobile security lab in New York City. From here, the company will research malware, worms, viruses and other threats as they develop in the mobile world. "Everyone is realizing that this is an uncontrolled environment," said AT&T chief security officer Edward G. Amoroso. "We don't want to have the same problems that we had with PCs."

    What do you currently do to protect your phone from attack or data theft? Some apps out there help you to remotely wipe the phone while some apps that offer subscription service can help you track your beloved BlackBerry down in the event you leave it behind somewhere or someone steals it.

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