• KeePass Password Manager Now Available For BlackBerry 10

    Those of you who have been waiting for a native KeePass client to land on BlackBerry 10 will be pleased to know that developer Dan Samargiu has released his FREE KeePass For BlackBerry app, available on both the Z10 and the Q10! While the app is currently lacking a few features, it looks very promising and should be a hit for KeePass users!

    KeePass is an open-source password manager that can be synced across multiple platforms. It allows you to securely organize and store all of your passwords in an encrypted database, needing only one master password to access the database.

    Since the app doesn't currently support Database Creation, you will need to create your database using the KeePass client on your PC. You can then share your database to your device via Dropbox or file transfer and open it within the app.

    This Native port includes:

    • Read only access to KeePass 1.x Databases
    • Dropbox Integration for syncing across devices
    • Easy Search functionality to find your passwords
    • Copy to Clipboard for username and password
    • Browser Integration. Easy one-click access to stored URL's (Launches in BlackBerry Browser through Invocation Framework)
    • Database automatically locks when minimized for more than 30 seconds (Configurable in settings)

    Roadmap (Future Releases):

    • Write access to KeePass 1.x Databases
    • Password's sorted in groups. (Currently, all passwords are shown in one list)
    • Edit/Create New forms
    • Password Generation for Edit/Create New forms
    • Read & Write access for KeePass 2.x Databases

    Please note that this application will only run on device software 10.1 or higher.
    Download KeePass For BlackBerry From BlackBerry World!
    Source: BerryReview

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