• Keep Your Eyes Peeled: And Your Dev Alpha Close At Hand

    We've received notice from at least 2 sources, one being the one above, that attendees to BlackBerry Jam Americas should have their Dev Alpha devices with them, as they may be required for certain "activities." While this is a developer event and one is expected to use the developer tools provided, one can't avoid not being excited for what surprises and announcements this conference will bring.

    With an expected R9 October release merged with the upcoming September R8 release, we may see more than an OS update. Just take a look at the Release Road Map Arrival boards for Cascades. All "C3" Features are ripe for the picking.

    What ever it may be that RIM is preparing for us, keep it locked here at BBOS, where we'll keep you updated on everything BlackBerry Jam Americas!

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