• Keep Up With The Pattern On Trid For BlackBerry 10

    A good game is one that keeps you wanting to play it more and more. Usually, the simpler the game, the better or more easily addicting it becomes. Trid for BlackBerry 10 meets both of these requirements brilliantly with its pattern/puzzle style.

    With Trid, the goal is simple: make the pattern you're shown on your board by clicking the appropriate squares. This may sound simple, and it is, but the game quickly escalates in difficulty as you move up levels. This not only makes it challenging, but also makes you want to come back, play again, and beat your previous score over and over.

    On the visual front, the UI and graphics are simple, clean and engaging. The world ranking scores also make it a lot of fun to see how well you stack up against other players.

    Another of my favorite parts of this style of games is how quickly you can get in, and play. No wasted time getting set up; you go right into the action.

    However, the best part about this game has to be that it's free. No in-app purchases or anything. If you have a Z10, you have to give this game a shot, so check out the download link below, and let us know what your high score is in the comments!

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