• Keep Track Of Your Favorite TV Shows With "What's On?" For BlackBerry 10

    Developer Jason Oickle has reached out to us to tell us about his new app for BlackBerry 10 called, "What's On?" What's On? is one of those apps that saves you from hours of channel surfing by organizing all of your favorite shows into a nice easy to manage interface.

    Features Include:
    - The latest TV related news.
    - A 5-day TV schedule with the ability to set Calendar Reminders from the schedule.
    - Detailed series information with show and episode summary's and air dates.
    - Search the TV database.
    - Add your favorite shows for quick and easy access.
    - Choose between a light or dark theme!

    What's On? is available for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10, and can be purchased for $0.99 at BlackBerry World.

    Jason has also mentioned that he is planning some new features and updates in the near future for the app. You can follow Jason on Twitter @skrewball, or leave him a comment in our forums.

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