• Keep Tabs On Yourself With What To Do

    Sometimes you need a straight-forward task / list tool to keep track of your comings and goings. Enter What To Do from Tundra Core Studios.

    What To Do simplifies the list-making process by setting you up with three states for your list: To-do, Pending and Finished. All you need to do is add a task and then it pops up in the list. Use the tab navigation at the top of the screen to jump between these states and when you decide that you want to change the state of a list item, you simply tap and hold on the item and the option to change it will appear.

    As an added bonus, when you change the status of a task - you can automatically update your BBM status. Sweet if you want an easy way to let your best friends know what's going on with you.

    What To Do also integrates with BlackBerry Remember, listing all of your notes in alphabetical order. You can search and edit these as you would do with the built-in app - although you can't organise these into folders or add attachments.

    It's a handy tool - especially if you want to keep track of a specific project you happen to be working on or just keep a track of some daily activities that you need to make sure that you're on top of.

    The developer also assures me that there will be some new great new features coming soon:

    → Calendar integration so your items will appear in the hub and lock screen for Remember items
    → Improved BlackBerry Remember support
    → Scrolling description for tabs
    → Multi-line support
    → Dialog boxes for deleting from BlackBerry Remember
    Plus more to come in future versions!

    Give it a go, and start de-cluttering that crazy life. What To Do is 99c / 75p in BlackBerry World.

    Supported Devices
    BlackBerry Q10
    BlackBerry Q5
    BlackBerry Z10
    BlackBerry Z3
    BlackBerry Z30
    Porsche Design P9982

    More information / buy What To Do in BlackBerry World

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