• Joe & JT Lounging With @BlackBerryHank At BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012

    One of our favorite things during BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012 was going around to all of the developers and getting their take on the conference and what they are involved in. We must have spoken with several hundred developers during the few days we were there. If only the event were longer so we could have enough time to meet everyone.

    One of the devs we spoke to at the event is Hank, AKA @BlackBerryHank. Many of you already know a bit about who he is, and may follow him on Twitter. So it was refreshing when Hank asked us to sit down with him for a video interview about BlackBerryOS and how we got started on the site. It was nice refreshing break being on the other side of the questions. Oh, I can't forget to give props to Arthur @Phi1o from gadgetnerdly.com for taking the video. Thanks Hank and Arthur!

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