• Jingu Friends Helps BBM Users Anywhere In The World Connect

    I've always argued that BBM is one of the top social networks in the world. One problem occurs whenever I bring this up though because unlike every other social network, BBM doesn't really offer a way for users that don't know each other to ever meet or even interact.

    Enter Jingu Friends, an app that allows us BlackBerry lovers to chat and connect with one another without having to give up our PIN to anyone out in the web.

    Jingu Friends is free, simple and fun. It has been around for a while now and the guys over at Jingu have improved it over the months and it runs pretty smoothly.

    In terms of the actual social network. You're able to set up your username, country and city. You can also set a profile picture up for everyone to see you and even filter through content on Jingu Friends to be broken down by My World (everyone), My Country and even My City. This feature definitely comes in handy as you may want to only look for friends around your neighboring area.

    Privacy is also super important in Jingu Friends. When sharing a message with others, you are given the option to upload a picture and hide/show your PIN. If you want more BBM contacts, make sure you check out Jingu Friends today!

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