• Jingu Avatars: In App Purchases Free This Weekend Only

    Do you like to customize your BBM avatar? So do I. I've had the Jingu Avatar builder for a few weeks now and I liked it, but I wasn't so sold on paying for the in app additions. But Jingu has made that decision a whole lot easier by providing the avatar builder app additions for FREE!!!

    With the Jingu Avatar builder, you can build and customize your own BBM avatar and share it with your friends, build and send avatars of your friends and customize with dozens and dozens of additions to the avatars. Want a Christmas sweater? A BlackBerry baseball cap? An I Heart BlackBerry t-shirt? They're there for the free in app download. So, download the Jingu Avatar builder for FREE and get to adding those in app add-ons. Because they're only free this weekend!!

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