• Jefferies' Peter Misek Believes A BlackBerry Phablet Is On Its Way

    Our good friend Peter Misek from Jefferies believes one of the BlackBerry devices we will see debuting this year as part of the BlackBerry 10 portfolio will be a 5" smartphone, a phablet. According to Misek, aside from "a 5" Z10-like device," BlackBerry is also expected to launch "a mid-range keyboard (most likely the famous R-Series), [and] a mid-range touch device."

    Misek also took the time to chime in on the BlackBerry Z10 return analysis that sparked controversy last week. He's quoted as saying, "Our anecdotal U.S. discussions contradict recent allegations that Z10 returns are exceeding sales. Overall, our checks indicate typical return rates. Of the few phones that were returned, the only main commonality we found is that buyers thought the Z10 had a keyboard. As it does not, they returned it and will buy the Q10 instead."

    It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out with regards to the large BlackBerry 10 high-end smartphone. I'm personally not a fan of an overly large device, and feel that the Z10's size is pretty much perfect for an all touch smartphone. Nevertheless, the popularity of devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note and S Series have undoubtedly made the "phablet" a viable, and at times enviable device. It would definitely be in BlackBerry's best interests to develop a large device, and give consumers even more choice.

    Would you buy a 5" BlackBerry 10 smartphone? Sound off in the comments!

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