• Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headphone Review

    I am far from what you would call athletic. So what is a big lug like me doing a review of something called “sport”? Well, I’ll tell you that you don’t need to be an athlete to use the Jabra Sport Bluetooth headset. The Jabra Sport is geared for the active. I am a walker and like any other person I do a lot of yard work. The Jabra Sport Bluetooth headset is what you want to have if you have an outdoor and active lifestyle.

    The Jabra Sport Bluetooth headset is designed to deal with your activities. I tested the headset while mostly doing yard work with my lawn tractor and weed whacker. I can truly tell you that the sound coming from these headphones will blow you away. The sound reproduction is remarkable. The treble carries and you can feel the bass with these headphones. The bass is what these Jabra Sport does best. It carried over the sound of the running tractor when I paired my BlackBerry 9930 with the headphones. When you have a collection of music that ranges from analog to digital, the older analog tracks sound better than they ever have. My collection of Beatles tracks sounded brand-new. My digital tracks sounded crisp, clean and fresh.

    The headphones are designed as a behind the ear with in-ear bud speakers. I wear glasses so the fit was a tad tight and took a little longer to fit comfortably behind my ear but that was a minor complaint. The behind the ear design is relatively thin and for the most part comfortable. The ear buds come with three different types of gel inserts so that you can get the most comfortable and snug fit. A little trial and error is needed to get the fit that is just right for you. Another neat little design of the headphones is the cord that goes between the two earpieces. It is a flat cord instead of the usual round cord. I found that the flat cord felt more natural and less obtrusive than a round cord but as I became more active and more perspiration formed on my neck, I did find that the flat cord did tend to stick a bit when I moved my neck from side to side as I worked and walked. The headphones control your media player on your phone with built in buttons so you don’t have to carry your BlackBerry around in your hands (more on this at the end of the article).

    Being a sport headset designed for the active, the Jabra Sport comes enabled to work with Endomondo sport tracker, which can be downloaded to you BlackBerry Smartphone via BlackBerry App World. The headphones work in conjunction with the app and with a press of a button can give you in ear statistics and coaching tips to your headset. Also the Endomondo app provides your real time GPS tracking and maps so you can look at your location and see former maps to track your progress.

    As with a Bluetooth headset, the Jabra Sport Comes with a wind proof microphone built in so you can talk while doing your activities and not worry about outside wind noise interrupting your calls. The call time on the Jabra Sport is noted to be 4.5 hours which is plenty. Also included on the Jabra Sport is a built in FM receiver that can be activated with a touch of a button. I live in a semi rural area so the FM station reception was limited but, closer to the suburbs and inner city the reception of more stations became better.

    If I had any complaints that I would consider major would be the proximity needed between the device you’re paired with and the headphones themselves. The manual that comes with the Sport shows that you should wear your device on your right arm instead of keeping your device on your hip or keeping it in your pocket. I can attest to this because the breakup was horrible when I tried it out in my pocket and in my hand. I had a generic armband with a pocket I put around my right arm and had nary a drop off or digital hiccup. My recommendations, if you plan on purchasing the Jabra Sport headphones, purchase an armband for your device so that you get the ultimate in performance.

    My second complaint is the 3-hour music playback time for the headset. This is a bit on the low side for my taste but I understand the limitation because of the size of the headphone itself. The two-hour charge time makes up a tad for this but I wish the play time was longer.

    Overall, the Jabra Sport won me over. The pro’s far outweigh the con’s. They are built for activity and the military grade specs make these a durable set of Bluetooth headphones. I am sure that if you purchase the Jabra Sport Bluetooth headphones you will not be disappointed in what you get for the price. The Jabra Sport Bluetooth headphones retail for $99.99 and can be ordered from Jabra

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