• Israel Finally Gets BlackBerry 10

    Looks like Israelis will now finally be able to purchase the BlackBerry Z10 through a couple of the largest carriers in the country, Pelephone and Partner (Orange). Orange is offering the device for NIS 3,167 ($880) at 12/payments, while Pelephone will sell it for just a bit less at NIS 3,030 ($843).

    While the iPhone 5 and S4 come in at a higher price of 3,683 ($1025), the Z10 will still struggle in a market that BlackBerry is not sought after. However, as a former BlackBerry subscriber while I was living in Israel, it's nice that the BlackBerry Z10 is now being offered in contrast to the iPhone, which has since the Bold 9000 dominated the Israeli market as the phone of choice.

    I don't see the Z10 up on Pelephone's website yet, but when it does show up it will be here in their catalog. You can find info and order the Z10 right now from the Orange website.

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