• Introducing: The Ultimate BBM Emoticon Guide v 1.0

    Ever since I added my first contact on BBM on my 8100 Pearl circa 2005 I was addicted. Not because I had not used my share of other instant messaging clients, but because BBM was fast, responsive, and of course instant. I knew my messages were being delivered and sent just by taking a quick glance at the screen "D" meant delivered and "R" meant the recipient at least opened up the application to clear the notification. That in of it's self makes any one come back for more. Knowing that your messages were securely sent and read right when you wanted to grab someone's attention.

    Don't even get me started on sending contacts a PING!!! just to bug them and force them to give you all the attention you deserve. In a sense while everyone else (MSN and Yahoo!) graduated to a different model of instant communication, BBM kept growing and improving on their addictive formula.

    Back in January, when the all new BlackBerry 10 was announced, everyone I knew that still held their BlackBerry close were fearful of losing BBM features or even having to re-learn how to use BBM all over again because it was rebuilt from the ground-up with the new Cascades goodness. In particular, I became transfixed with the new modern looking emoticons. Giving you a sense of a very polished finish and just plain nice to look at. Since then, I can't stop looking at them and I try to insert them into daily conversation with my BBM Buddies.

    One thing I really enjoy is the fact that in general, there is more than one way to input an emoticon. After fruitlessly looking for a comprehensive document containing all of the BBM emoticon keystrokes, I decided to compile my own. I have been working for a couple of months on a personal crusade of sorts. My goal, to uncover all hidden BBM emoticons, and their short codes. I'm happy to say I feel pretty satisfied with the end result.

    Just a quick shout out to Olaf (@Olaf_d) for teaching me the thinking (:?) and clapping (= D>), which in turn he claims to have learned from Lindsay Baines (@LindsayBaines) and in particualar, I'd like to thank Pat Wallace (@PatWallace) for helping out with the BBM emoticons that are not currently enabled on the emoticon picker. While looking for a high-res image of the snowflake emoticon, Pat actually stumbled onto a file containing emoticons we had never seen before on BBM, and from there, spent countless hours punching in smiley combinations until he arrived to the following:


    To cut to the chase, I'd like to introduce a chart we are dubbing the "Definitive Guide to BBM Emoticons." It includes all (as far as we know) 90 emoticons and their short codes. Two emoticons are still missing their matching secret key that will unlock them. We hope this guide helps you learn something new and save some time while BBMing your friends. Leave your comments, questions or suggestions below or direct them over to @mikelcal on twitter. Alternative you can download a hi-res version here.

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