- Interview With Don Berzley Of Alade Designs
  • Interview With Don Berzley Of Alade Designs

    We sat down with Don Berzley of Alade Designs to discuss, and get a demo of his BlackBerry app called, CF PillPad. CF PillPad is your all-in-one medication tracking application. The app is currently available for the BlackBerry Z10 and PlayBook, is BBM integrated, and can be purchased for only $1.99 in BlackBerry World.

    Don's inspiration behind the app was to create an easy way to keep track of medication for his 21 month old son, who has Cystic Fibrosis. If you aren't sure what CF is, check out some info below that Don sent me:

    CF (Cystic Fibrosis) is a genetic disease meaning it is inherited, and there is no cure Even if both parents are a carrier the child only has a 25% chance of having the illness. CF can not be 'caught' from someone.

    The median age of a patient with CF in the US is 37. However only about 50% of patients live to see their 18th birthday. A majority of patients will under go at least one organ transplant in their teen age years.

    CF affects the lungs and digestive system of patients. Creating a thick mucus that is hard to expel, causing bacteria to grow and the body actually destroys the organs trying to fight the bacterial infections. There are thousands of different CF mutations, the most common being the Delta F508 mutation.

    There are some 'miracle ' medications awaiting FDA approval and hopefully these will help. But, as CF research does not get funded by the government, it is imperative to rely on the donations of individuals. and Great Great Strides not only help fund research, but help those who need it get the medications they need. As many patients will take 100 pills a day in addition to nebulizer treatments extra vitamins and many also use what is called the Vest airway clearance system.

    CF PillPad HD is just as much about raising awareness for CF as it is about being a useful app for users. In addition I do donate 50% of sales to
    You can follow Don on Twitter @BlkScorp33, as well as check out his website at

    See the full interview and demo video of CF PillPad below:

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