• Interview With Anders Jeppsson, Global Head Of Gaming For BlackBerry

    We sit down with Anders Jeppsson, Global Head of Gaming for BlackBerry, at BlackBerry Live 2013. The last time we spoke with Anders was at BlackBerry Jam in Sept of 2012, making this the first time we've spoken since the BlackBerry 10 launch, which means we had a lot to catch up on.

    We talked about everything from what attracts game devs to the BlackBerry 10 platform, to how gaming is progressing with legacy BlackBerry OS devices, to what makes BlackBerry 10 such an enticing platform.

    Watch the video interview to find out what Anders' favorite feature is on BlackBerry 10, as well as what BlackBerry 10 device he favors the most.

    Drop us a comment below if you have any questions about the interview. You can follow Anders on Twitter @ajeppsson.

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