• Interswitch & BlackBerry Partner Together For Payment Integration Through BBM In Nigeria

    Interswitch, one of the leaders in digital payments and commerce provider for Africa, has announced the launch of it's integration of its Quickteller services with BlackBerry’s BBM via a new app called Quickteller Mini available for smartphones.

    With this partnership, BBM users with a Nigerian bank account can make a request for money, airtime and payment for services from one of their BBM contacts. The Quickteller Mini App enables this in a secure and user-friendly way. This service is as easy as sharing a photo or file while chatting with a contact on BBM. You simply select the attachment option, choose Quickteller, enter the amount and make a request. The recipient of the message simply taps it and enters their account details. The money is credited to the recipient’s bank account instantly.

    BBM is one of the most popular messaging applications in Nigeria," said Matthew Talbot, SVP Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry. "This new mobile payment service demonstrates how we have effectively evolved BBM from the best real-time chat experience to a true social engagement and e-commerce platform. By combining the strengths of BlackBerry and Interswitch, we have developed a service that puts Nigeria at the forefront of mobile payments and commerce innovations.
    The new Quickteller Mini App is now available in BlackBerry World, Google Play Store and Apple's App Store, or users can also visit bbm.quickteller.com

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