• Interest In BlackBerry Skyrockets According To YouGov BrandIndex Report

    It's extremely hard for the average person to guess and track how much interest there is for a new platform when it launches. Fortunately for us mere mortals, there are companies that specialize in those types of reports. One of them, the latest YouGov report, points to a keen interest in our favorite two week old mobile operating system, BlackBerry 10.

    According to the report, after months and months of a negative outlook from the general public, interest in BlackBerry has shot up to 43% from the previous 6 month mark of 18%. This upward move represents the biggest change for any smartphone manufacturer; Apple went down from 92% to 85% (still ridiculously high), while Samsung kept its steady climb going from 46% to 53%.

    The positive momentum is definitely palpable. As we near the month of March (and hopefully the launch of the Z10 in the U.S.), the wave of BlackBerry 10 support will surely continue to grow.

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