• Inst10 Leaves Beta, Now Available In BlackBerry World

    Inst10 is now available in BlackBerry World, After spending several weeks in Beta Zone & changing its name a handful of times.

    This third-party Instragram client is developed by Nemory Studios, who also has developed Twittly - Twitter Client for BlackBerry 10. The app follows a freemium model, with Pro features available in a 7-day trial.

    The features found in Inst10 include:

    • All features of Instagram you see on other platforms are available on #inst10
    • Buttery Smooth, Fluid, Fast, Beautiful and Customizable UI
    • User Friendly UI and Experience
    • Create/Register an Account
    • Upload and Post Photos
    • Send Direct Messages
    • Receive Headless Hub Integrated Notifications (Pro)
    • Great Emojis + Emoticons Keyboard (Pro)
    • Compose and reply from the BlackBerry Hub (Pro)
    • Re-Gram and Re-Direct Posts (Pro)
    • Share a photo from anywhere to #inst10
    • Edit your Pictures with an Advanced Editor + Filters
    • Save Images and Videos
    • Find friends from Facebook
    • Find friends from Contacts
    • Multi Post to Twitter and Facebook
    • Switch to Dark Theme (Pro)
    • Change overall Color Schemes (Pro)
    • Set your overall App Wallpaper + a Wallpaper Store (Pro)
    • Put more security with adding an App Security Password Layer (Pro)

    Inst10 is available to download for free on your BlackBerry 10 devices, with the Pro features being available for $2.99 after your 7-day trial. Let us know in the comments below your favorite Inst10 features!

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