• Inside BlackBerry Blog Hacked

    A day after @UK_BlackBerry tweeted that they'd help out the authorities "in any way [they] can" in regards to the recent riots in London, BlackBerry's official Blog was hacked by a group that names themselves "TeaMp0isoN." The above image was apparently the message they put up after the hack originally. Research In Motion then proceed to take the website down completely as it worked to solve this issue. These hackers, who are obviously on the side of the rioters, tried to explain their motives in a statement sent to RIM which reads:

    Dear RIM,

    You Will _NOT_ assist the UK Police because if u do innocent members of the public who were at the wrong place at the wrong time and owned a blackberry will get charged for no reason at all, the Police are looking to arrest as many people as possible to save themselves from embarrassment…. if you do assist the police by giving them chat logs, gps locations, customer information & access to peoples BlackBerryMessengers you will regret it, we have access to your database which includes your employees information; e.g – Addresses, Names, Phone Numbers etc. – now if u assist the police, we _WILL_ make this information public and pass it onto rioters…. do you really want a bunch of angry youths on your employees doorsteps? Think about it…. and don’t think that the police will protect your employees, the police can’t protect themselves let alone protect others….. if you make the wrong choice your database will be made public, save yourself the embarrassment and make the right choice. don’t be a puppet..

    p.s – we do not condone in innocent people being attacked in these riots nor do we condone in small businesses being looted, but we are all for the rioters that are engaging in attacks on the police and government…. and before anyone says “the blackberry employees are innocent” no they are not! They are the ones that would be assisting the police.
    These are hackers and rioters with good motives according their own words. It is absolutely pathetic that these hackers believe that intimidation and threats will get a huge company like RIM to agree to NOT help the police. Research In Motion's agenda was somewhat limited before, but after this, all these people have done is increase RIM's effort to catch them and help the police out.
    • What do you think about the news of the hack? Let us know in the forums!
    • Big thanks to our own Poita316 for getting us the news first!
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