• InLink For BlackBerry PlayBook Brings LinkedIn Right To Your Fingertips

    For some strange reason, the "professional" social network LinkedIn has yet to release an official app for PlayBook (or update their app to OS 7 for that matter as well). Some of us that do use LinkedIn have been relegated to using it solely on our browsers and that just doesn't cut it.

    Thanks to a new app though, InLink for BlackBerry PlayBook, members of LinkedIn can now access all their information and their contacts' info right on their tablet in a quick, clean and pretty awesome way.

    Features include easy accessible buttons to:
    • Check LinkedIn Mail
    • View LinkedIn updates
    • View and apply jobs via LinkedIn
    • Connect and find people you know on LinkedIn
    • Interact with your network and groups
    • Search LinkedIn for companies, friends and groups.

    I was lucky enough to test this app out beforehand and I loved it. The interface is really well designed and to be honest, I'll probably end up using LinkedIn a lot more now that we have a solid app for it. Make sure you check it out in the link below and let us know how you liked in the comments section.

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