• Indonesia Gets Two BlackBerry Z3 Commercials

    Well, this is shocking. We have reports of actual advertising coming from BlackBerry!!! Yes, I know.. I had to sit down and reflect a moment when I saw what I saw. BlackBerry is actually advertising. Then I realized what I was watching and I got a bit depressed. Take a look at both commercials and then see if you come to the realization that I came to.

    Now, anyone notice what is in the commercials? Or more to the point, what is NOT in the commercials? You see BBM, BBM Channels, flick typing, BBM Stickers. Yes, we get it, BBM is great. We ALL know that it's the best and the ability of BBM to keep you connected to your friends is unrivaled.

    What didn't you see? How about showing off BlackBerry 10? The ability to run Android apps (other than a cursory graphic saying it runs Android apps).How about BBM Video and screen share? Maybe Instagram running on the Z3?

    Maybe there are more coming out and yes, I know, there is only so much that can be shown in 30 seconds. But still, there is so much more to show than just BBM. People KNOW BBM. Show off what the phone can do, what BlackBerry 10 can do. Not just BBM.

    What do you think?? Let us know in the comments below.
    Source: NerdBerry

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