• India's Z10 Sales: 45% Came From Other Platform Owners

    Sunil Dutt, the managing director of BlackBerry India, has come out with some very interesting numbers about the sales of he new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. According to Mr. Dutt BlackBerry sales forecasts in India have been increased by up to 40% based on initial customer responses. This is very good news as India had been a strong market for BlackBerry at one time and it looks as if it is getting stronger in a market that has seen it's decline recently.

    The more intriguing news is that based on initial sales ,Mr. Dutt said, “In a couple of markets where we launched first, about 45 per cent of people who bought BB10 device were unique customers who were using phones of some other brand." Meaning that BlackBerry is taking a bite out of Android and iOS platforms.

    This news comes in at a time where analysts have had to backtrack and improve their initial estimates of BlackBerry sales in other countries. So, what does this mean for BlackBerry sales in India? Dutt says that to create a target for sales would be detrimental to staff. “Our own internal forecast has been beefed up for BB10 devices by about 40 per cent after seeing the response in other markets. By putting a sales target number, I would be limiting my team in India."

    So, what do you think? Is this a possible bellwether for sales in the US? Will we see the BlackBerry Z10 take a size-able chunk of Android and iOS users? Please let us know by adding your comments below.

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