• IKEA UK Buys All Staffers BlackBerry Playbooks

    I admit it. I'm an IKEA junkie. I love walking through the store and seeing whats new and what cheap things I can find. Well, I have to admit, this story is something else for someone like me. Being a BlackBerry junkie as well as an self-professed IKEA junkie, my jaw hit the floor.

    In a wonderful Christmastime gesture, IKEA UK purchased a brand new 64GB PlayBook for close to 4000 of it's staff members. That's a magnificent gift to start with and the folks over at UK BlackBerry tweeted that they had heard about what IKEA had done.

    If you follow @UK_BlackBerry you can read just how happy the IKEA employees and their friends and families are about receiving such a gift.

    Would you like to get a PlayBook as a gift from your employer? What was the best holiday gift you've ever received from a place where you've worked? Let us know what you think about IKEA's gift and your best holiday job gift in the comments.

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