• IFixIt Tears Down The BlackBerry Z10 And Finds Quality

    The good people over at ifixit have taken the tools to the BlackBerry Z10 and come up with some very impressive findings about the make up and "repairability" of the Z10 if you're a do it yourself type of person.

    Starting off, ifixit says that the Z10 is an 8 out of 10 for ease of repair if you need to fix something on your BlackBerry. Stating that the smaller components are easily repairable but there may be some stronger adhesives that may make their removal and replacement a tad challenging.

    A couple of things that the Z10 make great marks on were the removable battery which obviously would make any repair easy enough to start off. Also, the motherboard and display are easily removed and held in place with "little adhesive" as to make repair feasible.

    Speaking of the display, which is the heart of the BlackBerry Z10, the iFixit team are quick to point out that the LCD screen and digitizer are ultra thin as a result of "serious fusing" and if you do happen to break the screen, you will lose all touch capabilities on your phone.

    So if you do have any problems with your Z10 and decide that you want to make the repairs yourself with your skills then take heart that you'll be able to make them very easily.

    Do you plan on fixing anything yourself or are you more of a "that is what insurance is for" type of phone owner? Let us know in the comments below.

    Source: N4BB
    Photo: ifixit

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