• If You Thought A Solid Gold BlackBerry P'9981 Was Crazy, Check Out This Diamond Encrusted Version

    What beats a solid gold Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981 in price? A diamond encrusted gold version, of course! That is exactly what the fellas over at WGN Supplies just created. The purpose behind creating this ridiculously sexy and expensive diamond P'9981 was because everyone started to create gold BlackBerrys and they began to lose their luster. Not too many companies can afford to create a diamond version, so I imagine WGN Supplies will be safe on this one.

    Looks like they will only be making one of these diamond devices, and the buyer will have the choice of getting the black or grey model. And if you want to throw a few more diamonds into the mix, the buyer will have a choice of having the charging dock encrusted with diamonds as well.

    The price? Get ready...

    £69,000 ($105,142) and £119,000 ($181,332) if they choose the have the diamond encrusted charging dock.

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