• I Want To Know! How Has BlackBerry 10 Changed Your Life?

    Well, shit. I had a bunch of cool things to say before I started writing this piece, but they all seemed to have escaped my mind when I decided to search out a sexy picture of myself for the article (see above). For REAL though, if you read the title of this article and came to see what it was about, you deserve a gold medal. Why? Because YOU are the glue that has held BlackBerry together through the good times and bad. For now, let's skip ahead of my praises and mumblings and get to the bloody red beef.

    I want to know! How has BlackBerry 10 changed your life?

    I know, I know... it's one of those emotional questions that no one really likes to get deep down into. When I say deep down, I'm talking about REALLY digging down. Like when you try to scoop that crappy cheap toy out of the bottom of a cereal box. Am I getting too emotional?? Bear with me...

    I got thinking (that's not always a good thing) about two weeks after the BlackBerry Live event in Orlando, Florida. It all started when I asked, "How has BlackBerry 10 changed your life?," via my new BBM Channel (C00117CE1). And to my surprise, a few subscribers answered! A couple of my favorite answers were, "It hasn't yet, still waiting on one. lol," from Ely B. And, "It's changed the way I plan my runs..." (no, not those kind of runs), from the BBSuperAbuser. But what I really found out, is that I have been asking the question to myself.

    Yes, BlackBerry. It's been a fucking ball crunching bull ride the last few years, but I wouldn't give it back for anything. Why? Because BlackBerry IS my world. And yes, I know sometimes I go off on rants about the decisions BlackBerry is making... <cough> BBM cross-platform. But I do so because I really care about the company. Hell, I even wrote a freakin' rock song about BlackBerry 10 for hell's sake! And above all, I'm a realist at heart. So I feel that any genuine fanboy that doesn't have something to complain about, hasn't reached their fanboy potential. Think about it. Who do you argue with the most? The ones you most love, right? That's because you care about them the most.

    In other words, when BlackBerry makes a decision, I take it personally. Because it affects my life in a personal way. That's how deeply ingrained I am with the company, and I'm not even an employee! Maybe they have a soup kitchen at the BlackBerry Waterloo HQ where I can become an intern (Oh, geez. Did I just chuckle to myself when I wrote that?!).

    How has BlackBerry 10 changed my life? In almost every way possible. But that's not what this article is really about. I want to know... how has BlackBerry 10 changed YOUR life?

    Please leave me a comment below. Doesn't have to be long. Just be honest! Lay it all out there!

    Source: Yes I really did watermark my own picture

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