• I.C.E. Reconsiders Using BlackBerry Phones: Will Test BlackBerry 10

    Update to the original story, It appears that RIM is actually picking up the tab on the testing and trial phase. A great business move as well as saving taxpayers money. But even though RIM is footing the bill for the test, it doesn't cement the deal for RIM. The one thing it does do is give RIM a fighting chance to get back with government agencies that were lookign to change. “ICE has been a valued BlackBerry customer for years, and our commitment to government agencies has influenced the development of the BlackBerry 10 platform,” said RIM Senior VP Scott Totzke.

    Close to two months ago, we told you about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency decision to walk away from BlackBerry phones as their go-to phone. They were to have gone over to the iPhone but in a new development, ICE in a pilot program, will begin testing all aspects of BlackBerry 10 hardware and software.

    Testing will begin in the early part of 2013 on the new BlackBerry 10 phones and the BlackBerry 10 Enterprise System (BES). This news comes as an about face when in October of this year, ICE had considered doing away with their BlackBerry platform and purchasing over 17,000 iPhones for their agency. The agency at that time had stated that BlackBerry "no longer met ICE's mobile platform needs."

    This move, a stunning reversal of decision in a Federal agency, just goes to confirm what a powerful entity BlackBerry 10 is. Going from being removed as the one mobile platform for the entire agency, to being the new platform being tested and possibly halting a multimillion dollar purchase is quite extraordinary in itself. It speaks volumes to the dedication of the entire staff at RIM and their leader Thorsten Heins. Their dedication to making the BlackBerry brand THE go to mobile platform is evident with this announcement of the testing of BlackBerry 10. All in all, fantastic news for Research In Motion.

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    Source: Reuters

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