• How Is Your BlackBerry Pride Today?

    It's been a pretty good day today for BlackBerry, the company as well as we the fans of the company. A very positive outlook fiscally, the official confirmation of two new BlackBerry devices and a very nice jump in BlackBerry stock ($BBRY) made today a day to remember.

    I have to admit, my faith in BlackBerry was shaken at times in the past year and a half. The lows, the questioning of their failure to market (still have that one), the job cuts and lots of good people without work. It's been a rough journey and an emotional roller coaster.

    With the news today, what is your BlackBerry Pride level? Are you prouder than ever to be #TeamBlackBerry ? Did your faith waver just a bit? Did you think John Chen was the right choice? How does then compare now because of the positive news coming out of Waterloo? If you had a chance to talk to John Chen, what would you say?

    Please let us at BlackBerryOS.com know just how proud you are about BlackBerry in the comments below.

    Image: BBC

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