• How To Use BBM On Your PC

    BBM's been getting a lot more attention than usual lately. With the launch of BBM adding 20 million active users to the roster I think that we can all agree that there are great things coming to the cross-platform messenger.

    Despite this, I'm still unsatisfied. I still want BBM on the Desktop. We even thought there was something coming recently, only to find it was just a concept demo.

    Luckily for us – there IS a way to get BBM running on your PC or Mac. It's ridiculously simple and you don't even need a BlackBerry. I'm going to show you how!

    Step 1 – Download and install BlueStacks
    On your computer, open a web browser and visit http://www.bluestacks.com/. Here you have a choice to download the Mac or Windows version. Click on the one that you'd like to download. Once it's downloaded, run the installer.

    Step 2 – Run and set up BlueStacks
    Open BlueStacks if it doesn't automatically start. You'll need to run through some initial configuration details and set up a Google account with your email address if you don't already have one. Don't worry what email address you use – this isn't going to be your BlackBerry ID.

    Step 3 – Install BBM
    Now that you're at the front screen of BlueStacks, you'll be able to install BBM. Click on the 'Search' icon and type in BBM. Next, click on 'Search Play for BBM'. You'll see a number of BBM-related results. BBM should be the first result so click on this. Then click 'Install'.

    Step 4 – Set up BBM
    Once BBM is installed, click on the 'Open' button to launch BBM. You'll need to set up BBM with a BlackBerry ID and run through the initial setup and then that will be it.

    Finally, give yourself a round of applause – you've got BBM running on your desktop PC!

    A few things to note. First of all, if you're using BBM on a smartphone already then you may want to use a different email address as your BlackBerry ID – otherwise BBM will need to switch between devices each time that you use it.

    Also, as BlueStacks is an Android runtime environment – you may find that there are graphical glitches or the performance isn't super fast. Your mileage may vary but I've found the main functionality to be pretty smooth. There's the added advantage that BlueStacks plugs into the Windows notification tray, so you'll be visually alerted when you receive a BBM update.

    I must say that I found it odd when I first heard the BBM notification come from a non-BlackBerry phone. I find it even stranger when it comes from my PC speakers!

    Let us know if you try it out and what you think of BBM on the desktop.

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