• How To: Uber and BlackBerry 10

    In the past if you wanted Uber on your BlackBerry 10 device you could sideload it from Snap or similar sources. Recently Uber updated their Android app to require Google Services, which in turn broke the app from working properly on BlackBerry 10.

    Now the best workaround is to use the BlackBerry device browser and then creating a bookmark on your home screen. Not my favorite method, but it's better than nothing.

    Brent Thornton from BlackBerry wrote a nice "How To" on the subject, which can be seen below or by clicking here.

    Hello readers and fellow Uber lovers,

    I have been asked by a few customers in the last couple of months how to use Uber on BlackBerry 10. I figured the interest and complexity warranted a blog post…

    (Also read our COO Marty Beard’s advice on other sources of apps for your BB10 device).

    Some Background:
    Once upon a time you could make use of the APK in the Android Runtime on BB10. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work any longer due to the use of Google Play Services.

    Fear not, there is still hope:
    With a little bit of effort and patience we can Uber working in the Browser. Follow these steps to sign in to http://m.uber.com . Note the “m”. If you visit uber.com you are taken to a listing of trips once you sign in – that’s not what we are after here. We want to see little cars on a map.

    1. Visit to submit a request to use m.uber.com
      • If the above URL doesn’t work: Go to uber.com/support
      • Search for “request access to m.uber.com”
      • Sign in
      • Click submit

    2. Wait for confirmation email (this took about 8-10 hours for me)
    3. Visit m.uber.com and sign in.
      • If you do NOT see the sign in boxes see Appendix below

    Side note: Please Uber, make this EASIER.

    But I want it on my Home Screen:
    No Problem, once you are signed in click on the browser menu in the bottom right corner of the screen and select Add to Home Screen

    Appendix – I have been whitelisted but when I visit m.uber.com I don’t see any fields to login with.

    There is a weird cookie issue happening here. I have submitted a ticket with Uber. To fix it you just need to do the following:

    1. Open the menu in the browser and go to settings
    2. Go to Privacy and Security
    3. Clear Cookies and Other Data
    4. Go back to m.uber.com and login will appear.

    I hope this helps everyone out there looking to use Uber on BB10 like myself!

    If you have any questions or want to reach out on another topic please tweet me @brentthornton32

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