• How To Link Multiple Contact Profiles On BlackBerry 10

    We recently showed you a first look at the LinkedIn integration on BlackBerry 10. With this integration of multiple social networks, comes multiple profiles for each contact. This can become a confused jumbled mess quickly, especially if you have a ton of contacts. Cleverly, RIM has already thought of this, and a easy way to link these profiles together so that you can access all profiles dynamically as one contact. I'm going to show you how this is done. The contact example that I'm going to be using in this tutorial is good friend and fellow BlackBerry addict, Anthony Perdue - AKA @BBSuperAbuser. Let's get to it!...

    1. First step is to open up your Contacts app and find the contact that you want to link more than one profile together with:

    2. Now you need to select that contact so you have their profile in full view. At the bottom menu bar, you will select the little chain icon that says 'Links:'

    3. Next screen that appears will be your 'Linked Profiles' screen. We want to link another profile of the same contact, so select 'Add Link' in the bottom menu:

    4. Now you'll be automatically brought back to the Contact list where you will need to find the contact's profile that you want to link up with. Simply select their other profile in the list. In this case, it's Anthony's BBM profile, @BBSuperAbuser, that I'll be linking to his LinkedIn profile:

    5. Now you'll be brought back to the 'Link Profiles' screen where you can see both profiles that will be linked together. Now select 'Save.' Or, you can continue to add more profiles by selecting 'Add Link:'

    6. Once you have saved, you will now see that both BBM and LinkedIn information now shows under one contact. Tip: you can simply select the BBM icon or LinkedIn icon to be automatically directed to leave a message to the contact in the app you selected:

    7. Tip: if you select the contact's avatar, you can select between previous profile avatars to set as your default avatar for that contact:

    That's it!

    I hope you found this tutorial helpful. I imagine that once each user loads up all their social networking contacts for the first time on their BB10 device, there is going to be a bit of housekeeping to keep them organized. Luckily, BlackBerry 10 has already thought of a easy and clever way to do so.

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