• How To Install The BlackBerry 10 Developer OS On Your BlackBerry PlayBook

    About a week ago we showed you a video that @BBKyle put together of the BlackBerry 10 developer OS running on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The video re-sparked my interest in loading BB10 on the PlayBook and was able to successfully load it as well. Since then Kyle has been trying to stabilize his procedure for loading the developer OS on the PlayBook.

    Earlier today Kyle posted his how-to in the CrackBerry forums. The installation process is largely based on work done by @GShaneC and xsacha that have already provided the instructions on how to do this last year. Please keep in mind that this is in no way an official BlackBerry 10 build for the PlayBook it is simply an OS that was designed for the Dev Alpha devices. In fact the OS is quite unstable, but it does give you a great picture of what BB10 will look like on the PlayBook. If you want to test the waters keep reading.

    The following is Kyle's:

    1. Install DingleBerry & DDPB/Some form of sideloading BAR software
    2. Download the Dev Alpha OS from here
    3. Change your PC and PlayBook date to September 24 2012 - Also turn off your Playbook's WiFi
    4. Enable Dev Mode on your PlayBook
    5. Extract the Winchester SDK coreOS BAR file from the folder and place it in the Dingleberry/Firmware/custom folder
    6. Connect your PlayBook to your PC
    7. Open Dingleberry and enter your Dev Mode password into the field in top left
    8. On Dingleberry, select Firmware and Make sure the Buttons say Custom & Core OS
    9. Check that your PlayBook is detected by Dingleberry (top right corner)
    10. Click update at the bottom
    11. The device should have an update screen - if not make sure it is connected and try again. If it fails to install, simply disconnect, reconnect and try flashing again.
    12. If successful, the Playbook will reboot itself - When it comes alive, enable dev mode again and sideload (using DDPB or similar) the Settings app, BBM, Browser, Camera, AppWorld
    13. Reboot your device
    14. When it comes back on - go to the NEW Settings app and change your date and time to be correct
    15. Enable WiFi
    16. Go to Settings>BB ID and check that it retrieves info/allows you to sign in - if so, you're good to go - if not, reflash back to 2.1 (using Dektop Manager) and repeat
    17. Enjoy BBM and AppWorld - Browser and Camera will work whether your BB ID works or not
    As for known issues, there are more than I would like to take note of. However, If you find any be sure to post.

    It is a shame that BlackBerry has decided to prolong the release of BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook and that members of the community have to result to their own measures to get it installed.

    Warning: BBOS is not responsible for you damaging your device. These instructions are meant as a base guideline and results may very depending on Operating system environments. Please proceed with caution. Entering commands incorrectly may cause your device to be permanently damaged.

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