• How Beertown Public House In Canada Uses The BlackBerry PlayBook

    So there's a pretty cool new restaurant out in Canada that uses BlackBerry PlayBooks in an extremely useful way. Beertown Public House is located in Cambridge, Ontario and their servers get to use a BlackBerry PlayBook every time they take an order at their restaurant.

    Beertown PH worked directly with RIM for a few months this year and developed a unique app for their business that allows their servers to take orders and fire them back to the kitchen instantly. They made their grand opening on April 10th of this year and have been using them ever since. You can just imagine how much time and mistakes this saves and the fact that PlayBook is the most portable tablet out there, definitely played a factor.

    I may have to take a drive up there and see this for myself as I think this is definitely a great idea that hopefully more local and worldwide businesses adopt. Thanks to @AussieBerry for the tip!

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