• Hot Topics From The Forums: Webworks For Linux, Tips, Tricks, Free Stuff & More!

    Going on right now in our forums we have some interesting BlackBerry topics. As you may already know, BlackBerryOS has the best online BlackBerry forum experience. No trolls, no pointless fighting, no constant advertising other platforms - just a bunch of BlackBerry fans having a great time discussing BlackBerry! We also have one of the largest BlackBerry forums with over 100K registered members, leaving plenty of topics and discussion to go around. So, get Registered Now and get in on the latest hot topics...

    How about the fact that RIM has yet to add support for the Webworks SDK for the Linux platform? We have a couple of members who are in the process of trying to figure it out. Get in on the conversation and help us figure it out together.

    Have a PlayBook and wanting to learn more about the Android player? BBOS member, Ignites, tells us about a couple tricks on how to 'close folders' and 'go back' using the Android player. We also have many other tips and tricks for you to learn in our PlayBook How-to, Tips, & Tricks forum.

    If you aren't a smartphone owner and on the Verizon network, you don't have Skype on your tablet. So many users have tried to implement the Android version of Skype on their PlayBook tablet. Well, it's not pretty, but there is a way to get calls working. Find out how in our forums.

    Finally, I'll wrap this Hot Topic segment up with our ongoing forums rewards promo. Find out how you can earn free BlackBerry stuff, and even a free BlackBerry device, for just posting in our site forums and blog! Yep, don't waste your time posting on other forums that won't reward your hard work to the community. Let us reward you for being a great member! It's easy, get more details here.

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