• Hordz Game For BlackBerry 10

    The makers of Balloon Gunner 3D have released another fun playing 3D game called, Hordz. Developer Bob Wood just let us know that the game was released today for both BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook. Hordz is a unique whack-a-mole/tower defense like game that is unique in it's own way.

    Game description: Test your finger and brain dexterity to your puny human limits as you fight wave after wave of unforgiving foes. Battle witches, evil knights, skeleton bikers and other twisted fiends on your quest to stop having to have a fight! Can you master the many finger-swiping combos required to become master of the monsters?

    * Over 50 levels of finger-twisting action.
    * Silly monster sound effects and pumping tunez.
    * No advertising getting in the way and slowing the game down.
    * No zombies!

    Check out the video demo as well:

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