• Highlights From John Chen At Code/Mobile

    John Chen was interviewed last week at the Code/Mobile Conference, being held by Re/Code. The interview was very informative, but as expected no big new spoilers were to be found.

    Here is some of the highlights provided by Inside BlackBerry Blog:

    Handset strategy: “I love BB10 and I win in the very high-end there. But the very high-end is not big. In order to make money in the handset business, I need to expand that pie.”

    Android market: “Android in the enterprise is a very under-served space…We wanted to bring the BlackBerry know-how in security — the whole stack — to Android.”

    PRIV’s security strengths: “We’ve created a patching mechanism that will address attacks a lot quicker than other (vendors) to protect the customer…we inject a PIN in every chip in every phone – we are the only Android maker to do that. We work with Google…we think we’ll be more resilient than anyone else.”

    PRIV’s target customers: “The audience goes beyond enterprises. But it will be focused on high-end privacy and productivity.”

    PRIV’s availability: “Later this year. We’re working with carriers now.”

    On updates to the BlackBerry 10 OS: “We have two new releases of BB10 coming out to support government and high-security customers.”

    On security as a business focus: “We think we can be a standout by providing security to handsets even if we don’t make them…We’ve been doing very well increasing Android customers on our BES12 platform.”

    The actual state of connected cars today: “Cars right now have connectibility built-in, but they’re not really connected. We’re focusing on how they can get connected in a secure way.

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