• Heins: "A One-Minute Sales Pitch In A Shop" Will Win Customers Over To BlackBerry 10

    "A one-minute sales pitch in a shop" is all that will be needed to convince customers that a BlackBerry 10 smartphone is right for them. This is according to RIM CEO Thorsten Heins who, in an interview with New York Times, expressed his passion and belief in the new operating system that we're all anxiously waiting for.

    How will this pitch be delivered effectively enough in such a short span of time is anyone's guess, but if he said it, I'm looking forward to seeing it. This will obviously be very dependent on how carriers train their reps to sell BlackBerry 10. Certain key features that we can expect to be shown off are the Hub, the keyboard and the camera, although don't be surprised if RIM is still keeping their best BlackBerry 10 features secret to be unveiled on January 30th at launch.

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