• Hebrew for BlackBerry


    Chances are, if you can read the word in red letters above, then you can already read Hebrew...

    With yesterday being the final day of Hanukkah, I see it fitting to let our Hebrew speaking friends all over the world know about the Hebrew for BlackBerry app. If you are Israeli you will know that the Storm and Torch touchscreen devices are not sold in your country. And if you happen to come across a touchscreen device, you will have no luck with Hebrew support. Until... I stumbled across this app many months ago when I was trying to find Hebrew support for my Storm device. The app works great and does exactly what it should. This app will install a Hebrew keyboard in addition to your English keyboard on your phone. So, what is the news? Well, it seems that this app now supports OS 6 for the Torch. Although, I would not recommend this app for a device with a physical keyboard, like the Curve, Bold, ect, unless you have the patience to memorize where the Hebrew letters are in relation to the English keyboard layout. This App is free to download, but don't hesitate to donate to the developer if you can benefit from it. So I bid you farewell and Chag Sameach!

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