• Have Fun With Word Soup For BlackBerry!

    BlackBerry World has been getting some pretty awesome word games lately. One that I recently downloaded and played is called, Word Soup. It's a pretty straight forward and fun word game created by the developers of Fuzzy Bug Interactive.

    You start off with a grid of letters all randomly mixed together - like a soup! The idea is to form words by selecting letters next to each other. The more complex or length of the word, the higher the score. It's a really addicting game. Once you get playing, the words start to flow better. With achievement awards and Scoreloop, you can see how you match up to other Word Soup players. The only negative that I noticed is that the right side of the screen is sometimes not very responsive, so I was having difficulty selecting letters on the first tap. But I'm sure that it's a simple bug that can be fixed in a update. Out of 5, I give this game an easy 4.5. It gets a 5 out of 5 once the bug is taken care of, just because it is so dang fun to play!

    You can download Word Soup for the BlackBerryZ10 and PlayBook via BlackBerry World for only $1.99.

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