• Has Instagram Started Deleting Your Pictures? [Updated]

    [UPDATE 8:58pm] Instagram has finished tweaking its API, and now third party apps on WP8, as well as our Instagram for Android sideloaded app should be working normally again. If your pictures disappeared, as we reported yesterday below, check your profile now, they should be back.

    Unfortunately for anyone using an older version of Instagram, a message has popped up saying that you need to "update the app" before August 6th. We're assuming Instagram may pull the plug on these old versions, and only have v4.0 and above work.

    Instagram has apparently been messing around with some of its APIs this week, and it's caused some problems already. This morning, The Verge reported that Instagram was deleting pictures uploaded via Windows Phone 8 third party app, Instance. It has apparently started to spread out beyond WP8 though.

    Today, myself and a few people noticed newly uploaded pictures using our Z10/Q10s with an older version of the sideloaded Instagram for Android app weren't visible by others. You could see them on your own timeline and profile, but no one else could. What's even worse is that if you tweeted the picture out, that link would quickly break, and display "Page Not Found" when opened.

    Even worse than this, some people that have solely uploaded pictures to Instagram through their BlackBerry 10 device are finding that their profiles are blank, and all their pictures are gone and not visible to others. Again, as a user, you can see your own pictures, but to others the profile will look like the picture above.

    If you've uploaded pictures via another non-BlackBerry device, those pictures are left untouch. Everything else though, gone.

    Now, apparently this problem hasn't spread to everyone, so don't freak out just yet. We did a little digging and this issue seems to be affecting only users in the U.S. using the an older version of the Instagram for Android app that leaked way back in May. Unfortunately, that's the most popular version being used on BlackBerry 10. If you've found a way to get the 4.0.2 version working, this problem may not affect you for now.

    If this lock down does end up spreading to everyone using the sideloaded Instagram for Android app, it would be pretty bad. Not only is Instagram not making an official app for BlackBerry 10, and Windows Phone 8, but they're preventing users of these operating systems from looking for workarounds to a problem Instagram themselves won't solve.

    So now we turn it over to you. Are your BlackBerry 10-uploaded pictures being deleted by Instagram? Let us know below in the comments!

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