• Has Instagram Shut The Gates On The Sideloaded BlackBerry 10 App?

    Yesterday, some users across all OSes were reporting an Instagram outage. True, we don't have an official app available to us, but it still affected a lot of BlackBerry 10 users that have sideloaded the working .bar file. Some people chose to log out of the app, and were prompted with the error above when trying to sign back in.

    We would later find out that, not only is this affecting people that have logged out, but apparently anyone that tries to sideload the app now for the first time and log in, will be told to "upgrade."

    Instagram hasn't logged out current BlackBerry 10 users that have the app working, so if it's still working for you, do not log out.

    We're not exactly sure if Instagram has blocked access this specific version, or if internally BlackBerry has updated theirs and the one that we all have stopped working because of it. Who knows? Hopefully, this is a sign that an official Instagram app is on the way. If you have had this issue, drop us a line and let us know.

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