• Harrods' New Swarovski White BlackBerry Bold 9900

    Remember when we saw the limited edition titanium Porsche Design BlackBerry 9900 awhile back ago? Which is said to be the most expensive BlackBerry Device ever created by RIM. Right now, we are about to see the new addition to the BlackBerry Elite smartphones, as Harrods just released the new Swarovski BlackBerry Bold 9900 as one of their launching products for their new shop in Knightsbridge.

    If you love shiny crystals and have been dreaming of putting them on your BlackBerry device, then this is your time to get the latest masterpiece of Harrods’. This is not just an ordinary white Bold 9900 as you can see as it has Swarovski elements at the back deck of the device. Also, it comes with a very interesting walnut keep-safe box in which to keep it more luxurious, nice and clean. The box has two levels where you can see the device itself and the back cover that full of Swarovski elements on the first tray. And on the second part, you will see the accessories included with the device like the battery, charger, manuals and USB cable.

    Currently, Harrods already sold 2 out 20 units of this gorgeous looking smartphone and as for the price, it will cost you more or less $4,000 to get this beauty. The package comes with a special BlackBerry VIP support service in case something goes wrong. What do you think, is it a good buy or not? If your partner is fond of crystals and you think she would love to have it on her phone, then try this. And be sure to let us know her reaction when she is handed this elite, fascinating, and top of the line BlackBerry Bold 9900!

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