- Happy Birthday To! 4 Years Old Today!
  • Happy Birthday To! 4 Years Old Today!

    Hello BBOS members and guests! Today, Feb 28th, 2013, marks the 4th birthday for! Thanks to all of you, who are part of Team BlackBerry, for making this a wonderful year.

    Since our last birthday, BlackBerryOS has seen another 70,000 awesome BlackBerry addicts join the site. That puts on on track to hit about 200,000 registered members in time for the BlackBerry Live Conference coming up this May!

    Anyhow, we sincerely appreciate all of you who have supported and stuck with us and BlackBerry through thick and thin. With BlackBerry 10 here, we have a great year to look forward to.

    And to those who have just joined BBOS, we hope you will stick around with us as we continue to move forward on making BlackBerryOS the #1 site for BlackBerry fans everywhere!

    If you haven't joined yet, REGISTER NOW!

    And you'll want to register, because later on today we have a major giveaway coming! So keep your eyeballs on BlackBerryOS for your chance to enter.

    Thank you,

    - From all the BlackBerryOS crew!

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