• Hands On: Instagram For BlackBerry 10

    Ever since Instagram gained popularity, it has been one of the most asked about apps on BlackBerry. Along with Skype, Netflix, and a couple of other apps, Instagram has been dubbed a "big name/top tier" app that is essential for any mobile ecosystem to survive. Some people don't get the fascination with it, others can't put it down.

    No official Instagram app has been made for any BlackBerry device to date, and even attempting to self-port the Instagram for Android app has failed to work on any BlackBerry 10 device thus far.

    Yesterday, an Instagram for Android port that does work on the BlackBerry Z10 was leaked out. Since we know that a direct port is useless on the Z10, it's only logical to conclude this build has been tweaked by Instagram and BlackBerry in order for it to work. This is why, even though it's not in BlackBerry World yet, and this is an older version of what we will see in the future, it's okay to call it Instagram for BlackBerry 10.

    Check out our hands on/first look video below and let us know what you think about Instagram for BlackBerry 10!

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