• Hands On With Blaq For BlackBerry 10, The Best Twitter Experience On Any Mobile OS

    One of my favorite apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook was Blaq. It was the first, and really only, Twitter client I have ever invest money in, and many agreed with me as it was one of the most downloaded apps ever on BlackBerry's Tablet OS.

    Fast forward to today. BlackBerry 10 has launched and Kisai Labs, the creators of Blaq, have finished polishing off Blaq for BlackBerry 10. I had a chance to beta test Blaq for a few weeks, and it is by far the best Twitter client on BB10. I'd even venture to say it's the best Twitter experience on any mobile OS, not just BlackBerry 10.

    Check out the video below as we walkthrough some of the main features of Blaq, and if you haven't picked it up go do it!

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