• Halloween Apps & Themes For Your BlackBerry Smartphone!

    We already posted our list of Halloween apps and games for PlayBook users. We also though you might be interested in some Halloween apps to help celebrate with your BlackBerry Smartphone. So set aside the costume ideas for a second, and stock up your smartphone with some cool Halloween themes and apps:

    • Haunted Halloween Theme - A spooky animated theme, watch as your screen comes alive with shooting stars, curious critters, a haunted house and more. And for a limited time, Motek Americas will be offering the theme for only $0.99.
    • Halloween Avatar Pack - Disguise your BBM profile picture with Jingu Avatarsí Halloween pack. The scary part? Itís free.
    • Horror Soundbox by AMA - If you want ready to make your friends (or enemies) jump out of their skin, download zaOzaís special Sound Box. Choose from spine-chilling screams, the sound of limbs being ripped off, deadly groans, creaking doors and more.

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